Conkers trip!

Yesterday, we went on our school trip to Conkers. We learnt about minibeasts, their habitats and food chains they are an important part of. This was linked to our current science topic living things and their habitats, so we were able to answer lots of questions and impressed the rangers with our knowledge. The adults were so impressed with the children’s effort, enthusiasm and behaviour during our trip, it was an absolute pleasure to take them. Well done year 4, you are all superstars and I am so proud of you!

 Music Concert 

This afternoon, Key Stage 2 children have performed for their parents, in their first live concert for a very long time! Year 4 have been working hard in brass lessons to learn how to play the instrument and read the music. The children all performed beautifully and both Miss Hill and I are so proud of you all! You can find the videos of our performances below.

 Royal Celebrations 

This week, Year 4 have been celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. The children learnt that Her Majesty has become the first British Monarch to serve the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth for 70 years!

They began their celebrations by decorating our school environment in a sea of red, white and blue decorations.

As part of our celebrations, the children have enjoyed completing a range of art based activities. The children used their sketching and shading skills to design these missing Queen portraits.

As part of our ceramics topic in art, we designed, made and painted a clay pot to celebrate the Jubilee.

Today concluded our whole school jubilee celebrations. The children began the day by perfecting their entry for the Rushall Jubilee Bake Off competition. These were then taken to our concert, ready to be judged by our special visitors – Wendy Moreton and Simon Topman. During the concert, children beautifully performed a range of songs, including the National Anthem and ‘Million Dreams’.

Finally, Year 4 tucked into their picnics before heading onto the field for an afternoon of sporting activities.

On your marks, get set, GO!

This morning, Year 4 got to showcase their Athletics skills to their parents. The children have been practising regularly during their P.E. sessions, working on their technique whilst improving their speed.

There were a variety of races on offer, for the children to compete in, including: 100m sprint, 4x100m relay, egg and spoon race, skipping race, and the three-legged race.

The staff in Year 4 would like to congratulate the children who showed perseverance and sportsmanship whilst racing! 

Amazing Art!

In Year 4, we have been learning about William Morris. We began by researching him and finding out about his artistic style.

We found that William Morris created many repeating patterns and some of his art work was even used for wallpaper or fabrics. We looked carefully at how motifs are often repeated as part of a pattern before creating a design of our own using sketches of flowers. We began by sketching the flower we wanted to use before experimenting with mixing to get the shades we wanted. We used black and white to mix darker and lighter colours.

To finish our wallpapers, we painted our flowers using the colours we had mixed, before using an app to repeat our flowers to make a wallpaper design. We think they turned out great, we hope you like them to.

Easter Celebrations

This week, the children performed their Easter celebration song, infront of Key Stage 2 and Reverend Such. Both Miss Hill and I were extremely proud of the children, who all sang beautifully. During the assembly, children were awarded prizes for their ‘eggcellent’ decorated egg. Congratulations to Kai and Angela who were the winners from Year 4.

During our celebratons the children also took part in our traditional ‘Rushall Egg Roll’. Using their well practised Boccia skills, the children rolled the Boccia ball towards the winning Easter egg.

Design and Technology

Following our recent blog of our designs of a portable light for a child, we wanted to show you our finished pieces. We thought carefully about our designs while making, but we did need to adapt some of them to make our product better. We hope you like them! Now we are going to evaluate them against our plan, to see why we might have changed some of the design.

Super Science!

In Science, year 4 have been learning about sound. We have been exploring how sound is made and discovered that sound is made through vibrations.

We used different activities to see the vibrations making the sound. We used glitter on a drum and when we struck the drum, making the skin vibrate, the glitter was moved. We also used a tuning fork and water, we hit the tuning fork on the side of the table and when it was put into the water, the water splashed showing the vibration. Finally, we used a bowl covered in cling film and placed 100s and 1000s on the top. We then hummed next to the bowl and the vibrations make the 100s and 1000s move.

Year 4 had so much fun investigating sound!

World Book Day

Today we celebrated world book day by coming to school dressed as our favourite characters. We discussed who our favourite characters were and why they were our favourite characters. We completed lots of activities about books and characters, including an emoji quiz, writing our own song about books and decorating a potato of our favourite characters. We had so much fun!

Design and Technology

In DT, this half term, we are exploring electrical systems through creating circuits that include switches. This morning we explored how to light a bulb in a circuit that also has a switch. We found that the circuit must be complete for the bulb to light up.

Following this, we found out that our project in DT is to design and make a portable light for a child. We are making this project for the character from our English text ‘The Ice Palace’, so that he could use the light on his journey to find his brother. We designed what we want our light to look like, thinking carefully about the materials we needed to use to make the light fit for purpose. Take a look at some of our designs below, we can’t wait to start making them!